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Starter Loans

If you have no credit cards and no loans in your history, you’re essentially an unknown entity to lending institutions. While they might be able to ascertain your financial circumstances based on your employment history, bank accounts, and salary, they don’t really know about your repayment behavior and how much of a risk you would be. This makes the loan approval process slow and complicated. You can avoid this entire hassle if you apply for a starter loan. Submitting your application for a start loan is simple with AFC.

What is a Starter Loan?

As the name implies, a starter loan is given to people who have no established credit history with America’s Financial Choice. It can be a cash loan or a direct debit and is usually a small amount. At America’s Financial Choice, we offer comfortable Starter Payday Loans that are very easy to pay back and can be quick access to credit. 

Our loan choices vary in amounts, and how much we can offer depends largely on your current financial situation. If you’re interested in our Starter Payday Loans, all you need to do is give us a call. Our loan experts will consider your financial details and recommend a loan amount accordingly. While we do not charge late fees on these loans, it’s important to pay back this loan on schedule because interest accrues every day. Paying late diminishes the benefits of establishing a relationship with us. 

Establish a Relationship with Us

A starter loan in Illinois will also help you establish a good relationship with us. This will help you with future loan applications because we’ll be familiar with your financial circumstances and loan repayment behavior. This will allow us to process the loans you apply for faster and help us give you the financial aid you need more quickly.

Starter Loan Requirements

Our loan experts will explain the eligibility criteria and other such details to you once you explain your current financial and employment status to them. You can apply for our starter loan in Illinois if you:

  • Have a stable job with a comfortable salary that would allow you to repay the loan without too much strain to your finances.
  • Employer Deduction Loans
  • Have steady income from a pension or Social Security award.
  • Have verifiable personal information such as a contact number and residency.

If you want to know more about our Starter Payday Loans, don’t hesitate to contact us at America’s Financial Choice or call 866-298-2732 or 708-524-5000.