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Preferred Loans

At America’s Financial Choice, we develop great relationships with regular borrowers and are aware of their financial habits and credit history with us. These clients have a good financial history with us so we don’t hesitate to provide loans to them. Our preferred loans are very popular with our clients here in Illinois as they’re customized to the borrower’s requirements.

What Are Preferred Loans?

Preferred loans are exclusive for clients with previous interactions with us and good credit history as well. All you need to do is send us your details and mention the loan amount you need. We’ll look at your history with our organization and approve your loan immediately if there are no obstacles. These instant loans are very useful for people who need cash urgently and can’t afford to wait for a lengthy approval process. 

What Are the Benefits of Preferred Loans?

There are several benefits of preferred loans; here are some of the major advantages of this loan:

  • Same-Day Approval

- Most of our preferred clients will get same-day loans, so if they apply in the morning it's very likely the loan will be approved and the money handed over in a matter of hours. Our preferred loan application process is quick and easy.

  • No Multiple Trips

- You won't need to make multiple trips to the lenders. You can call the store nearest you directly, provide updated income and personal information, and we'll be able to pre-approve you in minutes.

  • Great Loan Period

​- Our Preferred Rate Loans never exceed six months in duration and payments are conveniently timed to your paydays.

  • Bigger Loan Amounts

- ​You may get approved for bigger loan amounts easily because we understand the risk we undertake with familiar clients. If you've had three "good loans" with us already and have a steady income, the risk is minimal so approval for bigger amounts for instant cash loans doesn't take much time.

Contact Our Loan Experts In Illinois

Our loan experts are always willing to answer any questions you might have about our preferred loans in IL. They will also advise you on how to reach this preferred status with our company.

If you want to know more about our preferred loans, don’t hesitate to contact us at America’s Financial Choice or call 866-298-2732 or 708-524-5000

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