Why Holiday Payday Loans Are a Great Option

Posted: December 13, 2017
Why Holiday Payday Loans Are a Great Option

The holiday season is in full swing already. If you find yourself short on cash to complete the shopping for those on your nice list, we got your back. America’s Financial Choice offers short-term small-dollar loans with a quick and easy approval process.

No bank account? No problem! AFC offers several types of installment payday loans and auto title loans and each has different requirements, terms, rates, and loan amounts. Surely we have the perfect alternative loan for you. These holiday payment loans are a great option, providing flexibility and ease.

Go to America’s Financial Choice and click on the Apply Now link. Once you are pre-approved just come into the store nearest you, bring in a few documents, sign the papers, and walk out with the cash you need.

When the holiday season ends, if you find yourself short on funds, we are here to help you make ends meet. With all the talk of tax reforms on Capitol Hill, who knows what filing and allowable tax deductions and credits will be like or allowed. If you find the taxman knocking, talk to us. We are friendlier than the IRS and are able to offer installment payments timed to your paydays. Life happens. We got your back

AFC is a local lender with 20 stores throughout Illinois. From the west side of Chicago near Forest Park to the loop, through central and southern Illinois, we have you covered. We are licensed by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation. We are not some unknown Internet or tribal based lender. We are staffed by local people that understand your needs and concerns. Call us, apply online, or just walk into the store near you.

Everyone here at AFC wishes you all the happiest of holidays.

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