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Finance your Summer Day Trips with a Small Dollar Loan from America’s Financial Choice

Posted: June 2, 2017
Finance your Summer Day Trips with a Small Dollar Loan from America’s Financial Choice

Summer is such a cherished season in Chicago and throughout Illinois because it doesn’t last long. The kids are out of school and looking for things to do, and maybe you want to take a day trip to enjoy the summer weather. How about making a memory that will last a lifetime, or maybe start a new summer tradition? Now seems like a great time, and you don’t need much money to do it.

Not all summer vacations require airfare, hotels, or a second mortgage to afford. There are plenty of things to do right here in Illinois. Check out the Illinois Department of Natural Resources website Illinois DNR for a list of state parks and campgrounds that may be a lot closer to you than you realize. If you are looking for hiking, fishing, canoeing, or even geocaching, Illinois has it all. Illinois is also home to some stunning lakes and beaches. Aside from Lake Michigan which is a worthy trip, there is Lake Lou Yaeger in Litchfield, Rend Lake near Mt Vernon, and the Kaskaskia River State Fish and Wildlife Area in Baldwin, IL, near Sparta, which are each pristine local attractions.

While these day trip ideas are relatively inexpensive compared to a vacation that requires airfare and hotel expenses, you will still need some money for gas, food, and maintenance on your car. America’s Financial Choice is here to help with our payday installment loans. We offer several loan options including title loans, starter payday, and preferred payday installment loans to help you finance your summer day trips. If you only need a little cash to get to your destination, we can help with our small dollar, short term loans to get you the cash you need quickly. Your loan payments are timed to fall on the day to you get paid for convenience. With our installment loan options, you don’t have to let your limited finances affect your summer plans.

No matter what your summer destination is, America’s Financial Choice can help you get there with a short-term, small dollar loan. Get your car tuned-up and hit the road! A day-trip or a weekend, we got your back. There is no need to go through a long and difficult process with a traditional bank. We offer payday installment and auto title loans with quick and easy application and approval processes. Call the store nearest you to apply over the phone, or apply online. Starter, Preferred, Auto Title, and payroll deduction loans may be the solution you need to get cash today and enjoy your summer.

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