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Don’t Miss Out on Summer Fun: Secure your Auto Title Loan

Posted: May 9, 2017
Don’t Miss Out on Summer Fun: Secure your Auto Title Loan

The summer is right around the corner in the Chicago area and throughout Illinois and many people are already planning their various outings and vacations. Everyone is looking for some summer fun but if you are short on cash, this type of fun can be hard to come by. Whether you want to get away for a few days on a vacation or take in a baseball game, you will need money to do it. Taking out a short-term loan is a good way to get cash quickly. America’s Financial Choice provides auto title loans to help you get the amount of cash you need fast. These installment loans allow you to take out loans of a decent amount while we hold the title of your vehicle as collateral.

What are auto title loans?

Auto title loans are loans in which you can receive a cash loan by submitting the title of your vehicle to the lender for the duration of the loan. Your car title provides the lender with enough collateral to approve larger amounts than other installment loans. You just need to provide the details of your vehicle including the make, model, year, and condition; the title of your vehicle; and personal information so that we can propose an appropriate loan amount. Once we approve the loan, we will give you a check in exchange for the title of your car. We will hold on to the title of your vehicle until you pay back the loan.

Things to Remember

You will get to keep possession of your vehicle and use it throughout the duration of the loan period. AFC urges everyone who takes out a car title loan with us to make their payments so that we do not have to take their vehicle. If the purpose of this loan is to fund your summer activities, you will want to keep your vehicle so you can make it to that concert or baseball game. You may make payments by walking them into the store, setting up an ACH from your bank account, or using a debit card over the phone.

Don’t let yourself miss out on fun activities this summer because you are short on cash. You can come to any of our Chicago or other Illinois area locations to discuss your options for an auto title loan. We will get the personal information as well as the information we need about your vehicle to quickly approve your loan. You can apply online for a loan, visit one of our locations, or call us at (866) 298-2732 to get started.

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