2018 New Year’s Resolution – The Money Challenge

Posted: January 3, 2018
2018 New Year’s Resolution – The Money Challenge

New Year’s Resolution – Money Challenge

Are you a person that makes a New Year’s Resolution? Is it the same every year? Give up snacking or smoking, get to the gym, stop gossiping, save more money…. They say that the average person or family doesn’t have $400 in savings for emergencies. Don’t be that statistic. Try this in 2018 – The Money Challenge.

The concept is simple. Each week starting the first week of the new year you hide away a few dollars. The first week of the year to save $1. The second week you save $2. The third week you save $3, and so on. The last week of the year you save $52. By the end of the year, you’ll have $1,378.00 in emergency cash! As with everything there are possible cheats and hacks, but in this case, there are some good ones. If you receive a cash gift or bonus, put some of it into the Money Challenge. If you have a “swear jar”, throw that dollar into the Money Challenge too. Why stop at 52 weeks? If it is working keep going.

The savings will start to add up quickly so let it grow. Don’t give up on your resolution and spend it on an impulse buy, this is an important emergency fund when emergency cash is needed. If that sudden expense or bill comes and your Money Challenge isn’t enough to cover you, then come to AFC for a loan.

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Let us know how your 2018 Money Challenge is going!

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