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Starter Payday Loans, Preferred & Title Loans in Oak Park, IL

Oak Park

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America’s Financial Choice in Oak Park, IL provides loans including Starter Loans, Preferred Loans, and Auto Title Loans to get you financial help quickly. Our loans have very little paperwork to complete so that you can receive the money you need right away.

We can also set up your loan as an installment payday loan so you can pay it back in reasonable payments each payday. You can visit our location Oak Park, IL and talk to our customer support staff or apply online to get started.

Our Personal Loan Options In Oak Park

Starter Loans

It can be difficult to get a loan if you have no credit history or previous loans to your name. At AF Choice, we provide starter loans for those who have no established credit history. Our starter loans can be cash or direct debit loans and they are given in small amounts so that you can easily pay them back and establish credit.

We will help you decide on a starter loan that is right for you based on your financial details and we will help you with the paperwork. If you apply for the loan online, we have a simple guideline that you can follow through your application. Starter loans do not have late fees but late payments will cause the interest to accrue.

Preferred Loans

If you have taken out loans with us before and you have a good payback and credit history, then our preferred loans may be your best option. We offer preferred loans to customers who have established a good relationship with us and these loans are approved immediately. These loans are perfect if you need cash immediately and we can offer larger amounts and loan periods of up to six months with our preferred loans.

Auto Title Loans

For auto title loans, you give us the title of your car as collateral and you get to keep your car, and we will return the title to you once the loan is paid off. You just need to provide us with necessary personal information and the make, model, year, and condition of your car and we will propose a loan amount based on this information.

Normally, we offer around 50% of the Kelley Blue Book value of your car. Our auto title loans are processed quickly which makes them a great option if you need cash immediately.

Come In Or Call Our Neighborhood Location

If you are in urgent need of cash, visit our store in Oak Park, IL and ask our staff about our loan options. Our starter loans, preferred loans, and auto title loans will get you the amount of cash you need quickly.

You can come visit us at our Oak Park, IL location or give us a call at (708) 660-0699 to get started. We are at the corner of Austin Blvd. and Madison St., two blocks North of the I290 Eisenhower expressway, and in between the Green and Blues lines of the CTA trains.

America’s Financial Choice offers the following types of loans in Oak Park , IL

Contact us online or at our branch in Belleville, IL for more information!