Please be advised that some unknown party is using the name of our company, america’s financial choice, inc. (afc), in an apparent scam to entice unsuspecting consumers to load money onto a prepaid card as a precondition to obtaining a "pre-approved loan" from afc. Once the funds are loaded on the card, those funds are removed by the perpetrators, and no loan is forthcoming. The victims then contact afc seeking to obtain the loan proceeds. The name of afc is being used by these perpetrators to make their scam appear legitimate. Afc will never require a borrower to load funds on a prepaid card, or to otherwise pay money in advance, as a precondition to obtaining a loan. Since scam artists can be very resourceful, they may change the nature of their scam to keep it going, so please be wary of any such offer that requires you to pay in advance for obtaining a loan. If you are the victim of such a scam, you are encouraged to contact your local authorities.

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